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ICMGA - Indian Creek Men's Golf Association

A member of the Oregon Golf Association

The ICMGA is an established club entity, supported by the Oregon Golf Association (OGA) and Indian Creek Golf Course Management. The association was created in 1989 to provide a way for its members to establish an official USGA handicap and to conduct golf and golf-related social activities for the benefit, pleasure, education and recreation of all members. We are a non-profit organization, fostering relationship building by providing fun and equitable events and competitions.

Our mission is to grow participation and passion for the sport, while upholding the integrity and traditions of the game. Obtaining a USGA handicap makes the game more enjoyable, equitable, and every golfer has an understanding of their potential ability. We will work hard to provide a framework for our membership to have fun through learning more about the game of golf.

We have scheduled weekday games (on Tuesdays) and flighted competitions on weekends. We will do out part to promote and encourage as much participation as possible, while adhering to the rules of golf.

The 2022 Officers

Indian Creek Men's Golf Association

The board is comprised of volunteers that act as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They develop, organize, schedule, and promote events to create an enjoyable golfing environment. We endorse good fellowship and sportsmanship among the members in playing golf, and participating in our organized events. More details and information on the roles and responsibilities for our board/committee positions can be found in our Bylaws.

This year we welcome back Patrick Connelly as our Secretary. He has done an outstanding job over the last two years. We are thankful that he will be with us for another term. We are welcoming three new board members: Roger Babb - President, Mark Daly - Vice President, and Rich Sabo - Treasurer. Their contact information is provided below, and they are ready for any questions or suggestions on how we might improve our support to the membership. Mark Daly, who is also our Handicap Chairman, can help directly with any issues related to posting scores, or with logging into your GHIN account.

Roger Babb - President

Roger Babb

Mark Daly - VP & HC

Mark Daly

Pat Connelly - Secretary

Patrick Connelly

Rich Sabo - Treasurer

Rich Sabo

Letter From The President - February 2022:

Dear ICMGA Members,
I’m writing this letter to each of you for a couple of reasons. First to introduce myself as the incoming President of the Men's Club , and second to tell you how excited I am for the upcoming season.

I moved to Hood River almost 3 years ago after retiring from Frito Lay after 30 years. The last 25 years I was a District Sales Manager for 4 years and then transitioned to a Financial Officer and Human Resources Manager the last 21 years of my career. I’ve been married to my wife Laurie for 27 years. I have a daughter(38) and a son(36) with three grandkids living in Central California. Laurie has a daughter(40) and two sons (38,36) as well as 3 grandkids all living here in the Hood River area.

I joined the men's club as soon as we moved here and absolutely love the course, the staff, and especially the members. I’m so lucky to have met most of you, and I look forward to continuing those relationships as well as beginning new ones. I want to thank Joey Shelton, Brian Fallow, and Mike Kern for the fantastic job they’ve done leading the Men’s Club these last two years. My goal is to continue the legacy they’ve built and hopefully grow the game and membership!

I look forward to working with VP Mark Daly, Treasurer Rich Sabo, and Secretary Pat Connolly. Having Pat stay on for two more years is an added bonus. We’ll be getting the 2022 tournament schedule out soon as possible as well as lining up those dates with Tyson, Matt and staff.

In the meantime, my phone number is listed above, so if you have any questions, ideas, feedback, or just want to chat, please feel free. Thank you all and I’m very excited to get this year going.

Sincerely yours,
Roger Babb
ICMGA President

The 2022 Event Schedule

Here are the dates for tournaments with descriptions and format information

We've added a couple of events to this year's schedule and we are excited to get our season underway! We encourage you to play in as many events as possible. We'd also like to thank all the past and current officers that have worked on our tournaments, helping us to grow our membership and participation. Tuesday's play has been well attended over the last few years, and it's great to see all the different and creative formats being implemented.  

For all our weekend tournaments, player scores will automatically be entered into the GHIN system, where applicable. For these scheduled events, please do not post your scores via the GHIN app (or some other option). Also with all of our flighted competitions, the tournament entry fees include Payballs and the Deuce Pot payouts. This serves to help getting the tournaments started on time and in speeding up end of tournament processes/tabulations.

NOTE: All entry fees are subject to change.The tournament directors will confirmed all details in the regular event announcement email. If you have any questions, please reach out to an officer.

All tournament sign-up sheets are posted in the Men's club area inside the golf shop on our bulletin board.  Please be sure to have signed up for any posted event two days prior (and by 4pm). This has always been the cutoff, and we need people follow this protocol. Last minute entries creates a bit of reorganization and more scramble time for the tournaments directors. Plus based on these sign-ups, we work with the club to arrange for the appropriate amount of tee times.  Adding players after the cutoff causes disruption to their tee sheet, which is always full over the weekends. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

For all our men's club tournament formats (on Tuesday or weekend play) players must 'hole-out' on each hole. As opposed to match play, no concessions are permitted in stroke play. Any golfer who doesn't hole-out on a hole, before teeing off on the next hole, will be disqualified from that event. Similarly, in two-man or team events at least one player must hole-out as well for the score on each hole. In essence there are no such things as 'gimmes'.  Lastly, if you as a player use the term 'that's good' when playing within your daily/regular group, it would serve you well to break that habit.  It could lead to someone picking up their ball during tournament play, and that player penalized or even disqualified.       

We wanted to also touch on the topic of 'questions' while implementing rules during the course of tournament play.  If the player in the group is unsure about a specific ruling, it is best (in these instances) to play two balls in completing the hole. After your round, you'll be able to discuss with a committee member (or club representative) to determine and then apply the correct score for the hole. Additionally, all rounds need to be accompanied by a completed, signed (both scorer and attested), and dated card. For these tournament cards, you do not need to include 9 or 18 hole totals, just sign off on your hole-by-hole scores. Be sure not to forget to circle your birdies and/or eagles on the card!

Rangefinders: Related to using rangefinders on the course during tournament play (Tuesday & weekends); please be sure to deactivate the 'Slope' setting/feature. If you are unable to deactivate this setting then that rangefinder cannot be used during our tournament play. Most of the newer rangefinders will have a button on the side to turn 'OFF' slope mode. If you have questions, please speak to an officer or club representative. Using this featuring, even if accidentally, will lead to disqualification.          

  • March 19th (Saturday)   - Red, White, & Black Tee Our annual kick off event.  Entry Fee $35
    • Format of Play:   Tees will be rotated from Red, to White, to Black in hole sequence. All golfers will hit a drive from the Red Tee on the first, White Tee on the second, and Black Tee on the third, and so on. Repeat tee sequence for the rest of the 18 holes. Prizes will be awarded for Net and Gross scores along with Deuce Pot and Payballs.
    • Handicap: All players will use their White Tee handicap for this tournament. Please contact a committee member or club representative for questions. 
  • April 6th (Wednesday) - Masters Par 3 Every hole is a Par3! Entry Fee $25
    • Format of Play:  All golfers will play from the designated Master's tee markers, generally located in the fairways for the par 4 and 5 holes, and tee boxes of existing par 3 holes (determined by committee). Prizes will be for Net and Gross scores, along with Deuce Pot and Payballs. Tee location sheets will be provided at the start of play.
  • April 9th (Saturday) - Masters TournamentNet & Gross competition all tees. Entry Fee $35
    • Note: Traditionally pin placements for this specific 'Masters' event are meant to be challenging for at least a few holes/greens. This is to bring more focus and attention to being 'below-the-hole' for your approach putts (like at Augusta). Prizes for Net and Gross scores, along with Deuce Pots and Payballs.
  • April 30th-May 1st (Sat & Sun) - Spring Handicap  First major of the year!  Entry Fee $80
    • Full Handicap Event: Overall champion is determined by the lowest total combined net scores for both days. Golfers will record/report actual scores for all holes and your adjusted gross scores will be automatically updated and posted by the tournament director for handicap purposes. Prizes for the top three Net scores and one low Gross score per flight, along with Deuce Pots and Payballs. Lunch on Sunday provided and one beverage (soda, ice tea, beer, wine, etc.).
  • May 10/17/24/31 (Tuesdays)- Match Play Great event from last year! Entry Fee $25
    • Format of Play: The first several matches are conducted over 9 holes. This has helped to make this event more inclusive, move at a faster pace, and in turn a popular format.
  • June 4th & 5th  (Sat & Sun) - Hey Good Buddy A non-ICMGA event with details to follow.
  • July 8th, 9th, &10th (Fri, Sat, Sun) - ICMGA Championship Stroke play championship. Entry Fee $120
    • Three Day Stroke Event: Overall champion is determined by the lowest total gross score for all three days (Championship Tees only for overall winner).   Golfers will record/report actual scores on each hole for tournament play (not adjusted scores). Adjusted scores will be posted by tournament director for all players. Prizes for Gross and Net scores per flight along with Deuce Pots and Payballs. Happy hour menu item on Friday; and lunch on Sunday provided, plus one beverage (soda, ice tea, beer, wine, etc.).
  • July 30th (Saturday) -  Three Club Challenge  Pick your 3 clubs and travel light. White Tee Event.  Entry Fee $35
    • Format of Play:   All players will play from the White Tees. Pick out only three clubs to complete your 18 holes.   Tips include putting with your driver (or 3 metal) and having a stronger middle iron. We will not be posting these scores. Prizes for Gross and Net scores per flight along with Deuce Pots and Payballs.
    • Handicap: Use/calculate your 'White Tee' course handicap for this event.
  • August 21st (Sunday) -Three Person Scramble Non-ICMGA members encouraged to participate! Fee Per Team $85
    • Format of Play: All golfers will hit a drive from the tee, then decide which of the drives to play. The other team members pick up their balls and play them within one club length (no closer to the hole) of the marked spot of the selected tee shot. Each player will then hit a second shot from the location of the chosen drive. Ball can not be moved from rough to fairway, rough to fringe, or fringe to green. Prizes for the top four teams, Payballs, Deuce Pot, plus a Happy Hour menu item and beverage.
    • Team Handicaps: The team handicaps will be calculated by the tournament committee and cards provided. 25% handicaps.
  • September 24th (Saturday) - Three Man Net Best BallBest net score. Fee Per Team $85
    • Format of Play:  Foursomes will take the three best out of four scores for an aggregate of three scores for each hole.  Each player will play their own ball and score off their own handicap. Happy Hour menu item and beverage.
    • Handicap: Individual full handicap for this event.  Black, Combo, or White tees can be used by players on the same team. Once you've selected your tees, complete the round from those tees (i.e.: no changing tees).
  • October 15th & 16th (Sat & Sun) - Fall HandicapLast major of the year. Entry Fee $80
    • Full Handicap Event: Overall champion is determined by the lowest total combined net scores for both days. Golfers will record/report actual scores for all holes (used for determining placement) and your adjusted scores will be automatically updated and posted by the tournament director for handicap purposes. Prizes for the top three Net scores and one low Gross score per flight, along with Deuce Pots and Payballs. Lunch on Sunday provided.
  • November 6th (Sunday)- Flag Tournament Fun coming down the stretch. Entry Fee $35
    • Format of Play: Given the timeline late in the year, it is likely the Combo-Tees will be used for all play.  All golfers will get a flag to carry, and on their last handicap stroke, will place the flag (carefully) in the ground. The flag that makes it the furthest is the winner. Prizes for top four individuals. Happy hour menu item and beverage included.

ICMGA News & Updates

All the news about the club, the course, the local scene, and our partners coming at you!

Welcome to our 'News' section. Here you will find important items and information for your periodical review. We will post up pertinent updates from the course management, our committee, some local color, as well as announcements from the OGA. If there is something you deem as 'news worthy' for our membership, we would certainly be pleased to post up here, so as needed contact a committee member.

From The ICMGA Committee & Indian Creek Golf Course Maintenance

Player Guidelines and Course Conditioning - Our spring season is over and with the arrival of June, we certainly welcome the warmer weather. The course is in great shape, however we will see an increase in play, and this in turn requires more attention from all of us. It's the simple things that we do that go a long way to maintaining the course conditions. Please go out of your way to fill divots, fix ball marks, rake sand traps, and report unusual course conditions to the clubhouse. There should be two sand bottles in every cart, and remember to take one when leaving the cart to play a shot.  The teeing areas also need our attention, so please be cognizant of seeding divots that you make and/or even the ones you did not make. Every par 3 has a seed box, and a few par 4's as well. Caring of the course is part of our duties as members as we play the course.

Pace of Play - We here at Indian Creek are not immune to 'slow-play'. On a number of occasions this year the pace of play has impacted, not only the group that is falling behind, but all the following groups on the course. It's an important ongoing group responsibility...to be aware of your position in relation to other groups on the course. It should be a topic discussed on the first tee. Here are a few other tips and suggestions that will help any group keep pace. None of these include rushing or hurrying up, these are USGA guidelines to help you be more efficient with your valuable time and everyone else's. Thanks in advance from your ICMGA committee.

Start smart
Confirm your tee time in advance and make it a point to arrive at the tee early with your golf equipment in order, ready to play. Remember essentials like extra balls, tees, gloves and appropriate clothing for the day’s weather conditions.

“Tee It Forward” unless you are consistently able to reach greens in regulation from the back tees
In other words, play from a set of tees that is comfortable for you – one where you are more likely to hit lofted irons into greens instead of hybrids or fairway woods. It is acceptable for players in the same group to play from different tees. (The USGA Handicap System provides a formula for adjusting handicaps from different tees.)

Try alternate forms of play to speed up your round
Match play, Stableford, best-ball and other formats are easy and fun alternatives to individual stroke play because not every player has to hole out on every hole. There are multiple resources online and in print to learn about the many different golf formats. Try one out.

Minimize your time on the tee
On the tee it is usually acceptable for players to “hit when ready.” You can also save time by playing a provisional ball (Rule 27-2) if you think your original ball might be lost or out of bounds.

Play 'ready golf'
This basic premise will help keep your group moving on the course, but always be respectful of the players in your group. Don't drive off ahead, or become a distraction that potentially could put you or your playing partner in harms way (or line-of-sight) from someone playing their shot. 

Plan your shot before you get to your ball
Once you are off the tee, think ahead. Determine your yardage and make your club selection before it is your turn to play. Very often, you can do this while others are playing, without disruption. If you take your glove off between shots, have it back on before it is your turn to play. Even a small step like this saves time.

Keep your pre-shot routine short
Pick your line of play once and trust yourself. Try to take no more than one practice swing, then set up to the ball and play your shot. Most importantly, be ready to hit when it is your turn. Be efficient after your shot too. Start moving toward your next shot promptly.

Write your scores down on the next tee box
After completing a hole, get into your cart and drive immediately to the next tee box. Now you can write down your scores on the last hole.

Aim to play in 20 seconds
From club selection to pre-shot routine to execution, strive to hit your shot in 20 seconds when it is your turn to play. Help keep play moving at a brisk pace.

Develop an eye for distance
You don’t have to step off yardage for every shot. If you need to determine precise distance, try to find a yardage marker before you reach your ball, then step off the yardage on the way to your ball. Or, consider investing in an electronic range-finder or global positioning system for golf and use it when permitted by Local Rule. If others you are playing with are not familiar with the course, the Rules permit players to exchange yardage information without penalty.

When sharing a cart, use a buddy system
Don’t wait in the cart while your cartmate hits and then drive to your ball. Get out and walk to your ball with a few clubs. Be ready to play when it is your turn and then let your cartmate pick you up. Or, drive to your ball after you drop your cartmate off and then pick him or her up after you hit.

Be helpful to others in your group
Follow the flight of all tee shots, not just your own. Once in the fairway, help others look for their ball if you already know the location of yours. Volunteer to fill in a divot or rake a bunker for another player if needed. Be ready to attend the flagstick for others.

Keep up with the group in front of you
Your correct position on the course is immediately behind the group in front of you, not immediately in front of the group behind you. Arrive at your next shot just before the group in front leaves the area in front of you. If you are consistently not able to keep up and a gap opens in front of you, invite the group behind you to play through, irrespective of the number of players in the group.

Be efficient on the putting green
Mark your ball and lift and clean it when you arrive at the putting green so you will be ready to replace it when it is your turn to play. You can usually line up your putt while others are putting, without disturbing them. Leave your clubs on the side of the putting green closest to the next tee, and leave the green promptly after holing out. Wait until the next tee to record your score.

Remember that picking up your ball is permitted by the USGA Handicap System
If not in an individual stroke play competition, it is generally 'OK' to pick up your ball and move on to the next hole if you are “out” of a hole and want to maintain pace of play. This applies in match play and many forms of stroke play, including Stableford and best-ball play.

Don’t Have Time? Play Nine!
You won’t always have time in your schedule for an 18-hole round of golf. But you can still enjoy the game by playing nine. It’s fully compatible with both the Rules of Golf and the USGA Handicap System. And when it comes to golf, nine is better than none.

June News From The OGA - Ryan Melnychuk

I hope everyone is having a good week so far and has been able to take advantage of the slightly improving weather out on the course! I wanted to reach out and share an exclusive OGA Members only savings opportunity. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is offering OGA Members a special golf-only rate of $160 per member (per round) the dates of July 22-30. Four of the resort's five 18-hole golf courses will have at least some availability July 22-30. Supply is limited and will vary by course.

IMPORTANT: There are specific booking instructions, stipulations, and a special booking phone number for this OGA Member Exclusive. Before taking any action please visit their site for more details: OGA Exclusive Booking Offer

Additionally, the 74th playing of the U.S. Junior Amateur will be conducted July 25-30 at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. The competition, which will be played on both Bandon Dunes and Bandon Trails golf courses, is open to the public and OGA Members are encouraged to join the gallery before or after their rounds.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to an ICMGA Committee member and we can help in your taking advantage of this amazing offer at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort!

March News From The OGA - Ryan Melnychuk

Benefits For March & Evans Scholars Program
With golf season underway here in Oregon we are excited to share a few member benefits currently being offered by the OGA in the month of March as well an update on the Evans Scholars program.

  • OGA Member Madness Giveaway
    All OGA Members are eligible to win several free giveaways and take advantage of various member benefits during March. This year’s prizes include a $3,000 Gift Card to Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, Sunriver Resort Stay and Play Package, Salishan Coastal Lodge Stay and Play Package, Running Y Resort Stay and Play Package, Seamus Gift Card, Jones Gift Card and a 2022 Explore Oregon Golf Passport. All active members are eligible to enter through this webpage: Member Madness

  • Adidas Employee Store Invites OGA Members
    All active OGA Members are invited to shop at the Adidas Employee Store March 1st-31st, 2022. Members can bring up to four additional guests (who don't have to be OGA Members) each time they shop during the invite period. Please visit the following link for all terms and conditions: More info here

  • Columbia Employee Store
    All active OGA Members are invited to shop at the Columbia Employee Store March 11th-April 3rd, 2022. This invite is valid for an OGA Member plus up to four guests that can be non-members (however, the OGA Member must be present). Please visit the following link for all terms and conditions: More info here

  • 2021-2022 University of Oregon Evans Scholars
    Here's the updated PDF on the Evans Scholars program as well as information on the current University of Oregon scholars. Each year the OGA donates $1 for each OGA Member to the Western Golf Association to help fund the Evans Caddie Scholarship Program in the state of Oregon.

From The Course

Toughest Hole - Odds & Evens
Recently, I was asked why the par three 15th hole has a lower rating (therefore deemed easier) than the par three 5th hole here at Indian Creek. It's certainly a fair question, yet the premise is based on a common misconception about the Stroke Index Allocation (SIA). By taking the stance that the 'toughest' hole on the golf course should be the No.1 handicap hole may be a good place to start.

The purpose of the ranking of the holes, is to determine where the higher handicapped player deserves the assistance of an extra stroke in order to tie/halve a hole with the low handicapper (during Match Play). That stroke should be assigned on the hole where the relative difficulty of the hole is more challenging for the higher handicapped golfer than the relative difficulty for the lower handicapped golfer. Plus now it's needed to factor in who and how a specific hole is being played. It may sound odd, but some holes are in fact easier for the higher handicapped player vs. the lower handicapper. This commonly is due to the higher handicapped player's landing zones (called 'fairways') are more forgiving and wider, and their tee shots are not constrained by a dogleg, bunkers, trees, or water, that indeed do come into play for the lower handicapped golfer.  But what we are really wanting to just understand is the reason why the 5th hole is the No.9 handicap hole, and the 15th is the No.12 handicap hole.

Have to confess from my 26 years of playing the course, I do believe the 15th hole to be more challenging than the 5th hole. However, when looking at those two holes side-by-side, the 5th hole does have more areas to get into trouble for the higher handicapper, and the statistics agree. The below section on assigning handicaps to the holes will help to shed more light on this topic, but important to note that the 15th hole is being evaluated in relation to the difficulty of all the other holes on the back side (and the 5th hole to all other holes on the front). So while this higher number is based on this process/comparison, it is rated lower than two of the par fours on that side. The 5th hole is rated the fifth toughest on the front, with holes 1, 4, 8, & 9 having a lower rating. So, the 5th hole, given there's more trouble in play, does seem to warrant the tougher rating, plus the green complex is tricky for sure.          

So let's now review the process of assigning handicaps to the actual holes. First off, we need to determine what the 'toughest' hole is on the course. For most layouts this is usually the longest par four, and for Indian Creek this would be our 1st hole (at 411 yards), and yet it's the No. 3 handicap hole. Why you might ask? Well, we need to look more closely at what the statistics say about the average scores on all holes and they point to the 4th hole. But isn't that a par five? Yes indeed, but the reason it's the No. 1 handicap hole is that trouble lines the entire length of the hole (and more importantly) on the right. Add in that the approach to the green has more hazards to the right and behind the green (yikers!), it quickly can become a nightmare. It is the No. 1 handicap hole on the course because the average golfer plays the ball from left-to-right (did I mention trouble is lurking on the right?). More balls going in the hazards equals higher scores, which earns the 4th hole the designation of the No. 1 handicap hole. Again, it may in fact not be the 'toughest' hole on the course, but the relative scores next to par display differently. In my book the par four 12th hole is still right up there as one of the toughest holes on the course. Given all the shots are normally into the prevailing Westerly winds; the length from the back tees; and its wonderfully designed four tiered green (yes four!), all contribute to making this hole wildly challenging.

You've probably noticed that the handicap numbers are all ODD for the front nine, and then all EVEN on the back nine. Another mystery? A better question is to ask is...why not just assign the holes in sequence of difficulty and abide by the statistics? So the answer is we need to spread out the stroke allocations on all the holes to provide equity for Match Play.  Splitting the nines into ODD and EVEN numbers avoids consecutive low stroke index holes. Ok, so the 4th hole is assign No.1, and so now we need to assign the other eight holes on the front side.  This is done by determining the relative difficulty between those other eight holes, and then assign them the No. 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 handicap rating accordingly. We do the same allocation on the back nine.  The most difficult hole on the back side (according to statistics) is aptly the 12th hole, just slightly ahead of the 17th hole. So by default it becomes the No. 2 handicap hole and the remaining holes are assigned (again based on the relative difficulty between them) the No. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 handicap hole designations. 

Hope this article was informational, if not at least a fun read. If you'd like to publish something to our news page, please reach out to an ICMGA officer.

Tuning Up Your Game

TK Golf Academy - The 2022 Season Schedule & Update
We feel very fortunate to be working with the TK Golf Academy. As you might be able to surmise the 'TK' stands for Travis Kane, who has been providing training to many of our members. Below is their upcoming schedule for the 2022 season.

Spring Semester Registration OPENS February 14th!!! Spring semester will be starting on March 19th and run for 8 weeks. Class availability is listed below. As always, direct your questions to Travis (773-562-1294 ) at any time.

Spring Semester 2022
Location / Times / Groups
Indian Creek Golf Course Times Group & Ages
  8am Adult
  9am 7-9
  10am 10-12
11am 13+
  Noon Ladies
The Dalles Country Club 2pm 7-9
3pm 10-12
  4pm 13+
  5pm Ladies
  6pm Adult

We’ve also set the dates for Summer and Fall Semesters. Summer Registration will open May 9th with classes starting the week of June 19th. Fall Registration will open August 15th with classes starting the week of September 4th. For more information please visit their website: TK Golf Academy

ProAm Golf Events - Click For Schedule
The Oregon PGA ProAm Schedule has been released! Travis Kane is sharing his current event schedule and inviting whoever would like to join him. Each date is listed with the site, format, starting time and entry per person. Each event without an “x” in a box, means he is looking for partner(s) to play. This will be first come first serve, with waiting list created in the case more request a particular site. Entry fees will be due 7 days prior to each event, to be paid to Travis directly.

There are more events this year, as well as two specific events designed specifically for Ladies! If your schedule permits and you're interested, please reach out to Travis (773-562-1294). Check with him ASAP as these spots will fill up fast!

Indian Creek Golf Course

Map     541-386-7770      Book a Time:  Website

All the staff at the golf shop can assist with your questions.

Indian Creek Golf Course is located in the Columbia River Gorge. Outstanding views of Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood provide a unique visual setting for many of the holes. While the course is not overly long, our prevailing westerly winds do pose a significant challenge for each player's club selection. The poa annua greens at the course are noted here in the Northwest as 'exceptional', and roll fast and true. The grounds crew and course superintendent do a wonderful job of maintaining the course.

The setting is perfect for your 'Gorge' golfing excursion, group gatherings, or just taking in the sights. There is a putting green, golf range for hitting balls, an incredible new practice & new putting area (along side the 18th fairway), and the golf shop has everything you need to play a 9 or 18 holes.

Located on the property is the very popular Divots restaurant, which has wonderful views of the course and the surrounding mountains. There is indoor and outdoor seating with exceptional menus for either lunch or dinner. Divots is ready to take care of you, and it should be noted that they have years of experience in hosting special events (weddings, birthdays, larger parties, etc.). Feel free to contact them to discuss your needs. There is also a daily 'Happy Hour' with an accompanying special menu starting at 3pm!

Indian Creek Course Layout

ICMGA Membership Signup Form

Signup membership form for the 2022 season

This year our fees have increased slightly to support the current youth golf program here in the Hood River area, and to update/maintain our golf simulator. Additionally there is the Hole-In-One opt-in entry, which remains the same at $25. We think of this as insurance for (hopefully) the eventual possibility. Last year we had four holes-in-one and there's always a chance that the next ACE will indeed be yours! Again, if you have any questions, please contact one of our officers. Please double check your contact information, and especially your email address, as this will be the primary method used to contact and inform you of any updates to this year's gatherings and/or events. Click on the link here below to download the PDF form. Please fill out and submit to a club representative in the golf shop (personal checks are preferable):

2022 ICMGA Membership Form Download

ICMGA Tuesday's Play

Games and formats for playing Tuesdays in 2022

Tuesday Play will have a block of tee times available starting at 11:00am (i.e.: “the Block”). Some or all groupings for Members playing during the Block will be determined by a draw. Draw will occur at 10:50 am. Members can generally expect to be able to make their own groups on any Tuesday, except for the Fourth Tuesday. Members making their own groups must generally have a tee time within 1-hour on either end of the Block, but special circumstances will be considered. The Combo or White tees will generally be available to use every Tuesday. KP's and/or Deuce Pots will be played from whatever tees you are playing. Normally there will be a Deuce Pot if there are no designated KPs. Games to be played for Tuesday Play are generally pre-determined, but special circumstances leading to low turnout, such as weather conditions and Holidays, may dictate a need to substitute a game to maximize participation and payouts. The games designated to be played each Tuesday are described below.  Good luck and play well!

      G A M E   S C H E D U L E
  • 1st Tuesday Net (all tees), Gross (black tees only), and Deuce Pot (4 envelopes)
  • 2nd Tuesday Total Quota (all tees) and Deuce Pot
  • 3rd Tuesday Huckley Buck (both tees) and  Deuce Pot
  • 4th Tuesday Net Two-Man Best Ball (Combo tees only) and Deuce Pot
  • 5th Tuesday Net/Gross - Wildcard !!!

Entry into a Tuesday Play game is via envelopes at the Golf Shop. Write your name on the envelope for the game you want to be in and insert the entry fee for that game into the envelope. Pot entry is not required to play, but is required to win a prize.

POT entry fees are: $10.00

PAYOUTS: 100% of POT will be paid out. Roughly 30% of the field gets paid, and payout will occur after the last group is in the clubhouse.

      G A M E   F O R M A T S
  • Total Quota
  • Start with handicap for your set of tees played. Add points to your handicap using your Gross score per hole:
      • Bogey = 1 point
      • Par = 2 points
      • Birdie = 4 points
      • Eagle = 8 points
  • Highest total points wins!
  • Huckley Buck
  • Start with zero points and add points using Net score per hole:
      • Net bogey = 1 point
      • Net par = 2 points
      • Net birdie = 3 points
      • Net eagle = 5 points
      • Net dbl. eagle = 8 points
  • Highest total points wins!
  • Net Two-Man Best Ball
  • Fourth Tuesday, Combo Tees only
  • Two-man teams and order of play determined by draw at 10:50 am
  • Use your handicap strokes where they fall and record lowest Net score per hole for your team
    • KPs or Deuce for all formats
    • Closest to the pin on designated par three hole(s) and from whatever tees you are using; or a score of '2' on any hole for a share of the Deuce Pot.

ICMGA Bylaws

Below is a link to our association's rules and operational statements:

ICMGA Bylaws

The newly elected ICMGA officers and Indian Creek club representatives met, reviewed, and updated the club's requirements and recommendations for conducting our events for this 2022 season. We are always open for suggestions on how these guidelines and provisions might be improved upon, so please feel free to contact any of the association's officers or a club representative.

We have included descriptions of the duties performed by the officers (with additional contact information), our rules and regulations, event guidelines and formats, our local course rules, and much more. This is our bible for supporting the membership, conducting Tuesday's play, as well as our weekend events and other club activities.

If you have specific question about handicapping or interpretation of any of the rules contained, please contact the Handicap Chairman or a club representative. In the near future, these Bylaws will reformatted and imbedded here to provide easy viewing via your web browser. We will also continue to provide a link to the supporting 'hard-copy' document. Many thanks go out to Patrick Connelly (current ICMGA Secretary) for his efforts in coordinating all updates and in maintaining our bylaws document.

ICMGA Tournament Winners

Results of our Weekend Warriors for the 2022 season

Below please find our tournament winners. If you've won or placed in an event and don't see your name here, please contact one of the committee members. We will get you posted up on the "boards" pronto. Deuce and Payball winners will not be posted, only players and their winning Net or Gross scores.

Tournament Winners
For 2022 Season
 Member Names  
Saturday 3/19/22
Gross Scores
Kevin Morgan (73)
Jeremy Denny (76)
Kip Miller & Mitch Huru (77)
Net Scores
Rich Sabo (67)
Alex Ing (71)
Brian Principe, Bill Morrissey, & Denis Thomas (72)
Masters Par 3 Tournament
Wednesday 4/6/22
Gross 1st Place Tie-59
Kevin Morgan
Travis Erdmann
Seth Tibbett

Gross 2nd Place Tie- 60
Mark Bauman
Dave Hindahl
Doc Armerding
Net First Place Tie – 58
Josh Frederick
Gray Smith
Phil Canel

Net 2nd Place Tie – 59
Matt Rankin
Pat McAllister
Travis Carratt
Masters Tournament
Saturday 4/9/22
Gross Winners
Jake Mahan (76 - Green Jacket!)
Mitchell Huru (80)
Mike Duhaime (81)
Net Winners
Rich Sabo (68)
Andrew Bennison (71)
Tyson Jacobs & Kip Miller (76)
Spring Handicap 4/30-5/1  Overall Net Champion - Kip Miller (142)   
Eudoro Cervantes (143)
Erin Mason (145)
Travis Erdmann (148)
Pete Hixon (Low Gross - 154)
Joey Shelton/Denis Thomas (tied - 145)
Paul Armerding (147)
Mitch Huru (Low Gross - 163)
Julio Garcia (147)
Erik Santee (149)
Kevin Kitchen (150)
Roger Babb (Low Gross - 180)
Match Play
1st Place: Jann Halstead (2&1)
2nd Place:
Pat Connolly
3rd Place:
Scott Meredith (2&1)
4th Place:
Kelly Steward
Club Championship
7/8-7/10 (3 days)
Overall Gross Champion -  Jake Morgan (232) defended his title from last year. Only player to shoot in the 70's for all three rounds. Congratulations to all the winners!  
Eudoro Cervantes & Tyson Jacobs (tie 237)
Andrew Bennison (net 220)

Dave Hindahl (252)
Alex Ing (255)
Seth McCadam (257)
Mark Daly (net 223)
John Cochran (257)
Erik Santee (263)
Mike Kern (264)
Bill Morrissey (net - 223)
3 Person Scramble
Gross Winners
1st Place Tie:
Rich Sabo, Alex Ing, Travis Carratt
Scott Reynier, Jeff Horata, Michael Hare

3rd Place:
Kevin Morgan, Jake Morgan, Chad Beam

4th Place Tie:
Andrew Bennison, Mark Robertson, Scotty Meredith
Tyson Jacobs, Josh Fredericks, Jeremy Denny
Net Winners
1st Place:
Corey Yasui, Derek Deborde, Billy Deborde

2nd Place:
Chris Joseph, Julio Garcia, Brian Principe

3rd Place Tie: 
Matt Kyriax, Brian, Petros, Travis Erdmann
Roger Babb, Jim Nichols, Greg Scotland
David Martin, Annie Martin, Jorie Modrich
Grant Smith, Tim Summers, Torrin Bailey
Fall Handicap 10/15-10/16 (Two Days)  Overall Winner - Jake Mahan (140)...Shot two under par gross on the first day! His two day total was -4 (net-to-par). Great playing indeed. Congratulations to all the winners!
Eudoro Cervantes (143)
Josh Frederick (146)
Mike Duhaime (147)

Rich Sabo (142)
Mark Daly & Eric Santee (144)

Mitch Hicks (143)
Corey Yasui (145)
Matt Stoneberg (146)
Flag Tournament    

ICMGA Hole-In-Ones

We will post up here all aces for the 2022 season

We are excited to see who will make this year's aces! The 10th hole is by far your best chance for a one, and many good (and maybe not so good) shots have found their way into the hole. The H-I-O season starts on March 1st and ends on November 30th. This matches the same time period as our posting season (March through November). If you have any questions on the time periods for posting or our H-I-O insurance, please contact an officer or speak to a club representative. If participating, be sure when submitting your membership dues, you checked the box on the membership form for the H-I-O. Good Luck!!

   Member Name  Club Used Date
Hole #5    Rich Sabo 8 Iron 3/19/2022
Hole #8      
Hole #10 Patrick Connelly 8 iron 8/19/2022
Hole #15